10 print schedules

10 print schedules

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Time use dinosaurs, princesses, cats, pirates, unicorns, robots ... it will be easy and fun to get organized this year! Here are 10 free templates to print to please your schoolchild according to his passions of the moment.

Click on the image of his choice to print his schedule. Magical!

Dinosaurs timetable

The dinosaurs have jumped in time to show up on this funny schedule to print.

Princess timetable

Your little princess deserves a royal schedule, right? Here is one that will make envy his girlfriends.

Pirate timetable

At the boarding! What is your pirate's schedule today? Better than a treasure map, a calendar to print.

Schedule cats

It is well known, cats sleep all day ... but they are nice and will accompany your schoolboy. Meow!

Unicorn Timeline

A fan of unicorns at home? Delight with this schedule to print that will put a touch of magic in his week.

Time use of space

No question of being in the moon this year! With this space job, no problem, the aliens will take care grain.

Timetable panda

Pandas are magical animals for children. All round and cute, these will accompany your schoolboy.

Timetable robots

They look really nice these little robots! Their mission of the week? Guide your schoolboy in his activities.

Timeliness kawaï

Head to Japan and its kawai dolls (cute) with this schedule to print that invites to travel.

Pixel art timetable

Do you have a geek fan of pixel art or video games at home? Amaze him with this schedule that throws!

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