10 tips to prepare for the start

10 tips to prepare for the start

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Summer holidays, it's nice! Two months to rest, have fun ... But a few days before the start, it is important to find a rhythm adapted to this academic recovery and to organize well to avoid stress. Our advices.

1. We set the record straight!

  • A good week before the start of the school year, it is useful to put back in place a certain regularity in the sleep schedules. Advance gradually (about 15 minutes) the bedtime, but also that of the alarm clock. And no exception last weekend. This will disturb your child's rhythm again and may be delayed for the first day of school.

2. At mealtimes too ...

  • Summer is often synonymous with meal times a little off. Again, enjoy this last week to resume a pace close to that of the school year. Eat earlier and at regular times. Take the opportunity to put "shape" in the plate of your future schoolboy by proposing a well balanced diet. A trick? Sprinkle dishes and desserts with yeast or wheat germ, concentrated in vitamins and minerals anti-stress.

3. We move!

  • In the morning, it is also necessary that your child resume the habit of being active as soon as possible after waking, once he has had breakfast. This may be a family ride, a ball game in the garden or other, the main thing is to move.
  • In the evening, however, promote calm. No stimulating activity after 8 pm, but instead make the most of the evening story or hugs.

4. We store the books and leave the books on the school

  • Even if the return is approaching, your child is still on vacation, let him enjoy his last days of tranquility ... If you worked together regularly during the summer, he will be ready and if you have not done it, he is a little too late to get started. On the other hand, it's time to offer him books about the school. It's reassuring to see that his favorite hero is also concerned by this big day ...

5. Supplies, we are in focus

  • Do not wait until the last minute to buy school supplies. You may find some empty shelves and, in addition, it promotes stress! For supplies, there is no question of giving in to all his requests, but it is important for your child to choose at least one favorite item, be it the binder of his dreams or the kit with the likeness of his favorite hero.

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