8 (good) reasons not to disclose baby's first name

8 (good) reasons not to disclose baby's first name

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How are you going to call him? This is the ritual question that follows the announcement of the next arrival, then the sex of baby! Do we have to answer? Not really if we believe this list of "good" reasons to remain silent on the name of future baby ...

Supersttion oblige!

  • Announce "the" future name is a bit like announcing your pregnancy at 2 weeks of amenorrhea. And if it brought bad luck? Come on, we keep for ourselves (and the future dad) this pretty secret until baby has made us happy to point the tip of his nose!

Reliable echo?

  • We will call him Faustine! Or Arthur! OK ... but if it was another sex that was waiting for us! Ultrasound is good, but you still have to know that baby sex is not always easy to determine. This can be the case especially in boys whose sex is not well seen, which can be for example very small, stuck against the perineum ... hence the announcement of a future girl. So, let's keep our neutrality (and our dignity, yes, yes!).

Do not touch my name!

  • It's nice to have one (or more) girlfriend (s) pregnancy ... but there is a risk that we do not always think: the "flight" manifest name! Think, it's not so easy to make a choice (and the good one), so when a "good" friend makes your heart capsize with her so perfect name, it will be ... to the one who will give birth first! And it's even more loose if it's about your sister-in-law or another family member. Two cousins ​​Gabriel ... we forget! It only remains to find another idea (sometimes in a hurry).

Hesitation, when you hold us

  • "If I have a baby one day, it will be called Ulysses for a boy or Penelope if it's a girl" ... Blessed are the ones who had these words in their mouth already in CP's playground (it exists)! But there are also those (we?) Who do not ALWAYS know the third trimester of pregnancy already widely started, even downright at the end of the race! So, that's for sure, no risk of letting go of the song ... we'll decide when we see her pretty face on D-day?

Suspense forces ...

  • "It's going to be called how does this baby?" Guess! Not only can it be fun to keep the suspense (and nice to share the right secret with the dad) until the big day, but in addition it can also be the occasion to be blown some (other) good ideas.

Gaston, are you sure?

  • As much to know immediately, to announce the name of "future", it is also to take the risk to be taken in the face of the derogatory remarks of the style: "it is not a little old-fashioned? It is not a name of dog did you think about his future? " Hard hard ! Pregnant, we do not need to put the spleen (and neurons) in court bouillon about the name. It will be time to do it at birth when we announce proudly: and here is Ursula! You're sure ? Well, what?

Family Match / In-laws

  • In the future mother's family, I want Pauline. In the future dad's family, they want Rose ... Wow! Already the two parties do not necessarily agree on the choice of epidural / not peridural, breastfeeding against bib 'at any price, nursery versus parental leave ... useless that the family lunches are spoiled by another sensitive subject. First name ? No, we still have time to think (you speak!).

Memories memories…

  • Do you remember your cousin Paul? The one who went under a bus in 1983? Well, no grandma, damn, I had completely zapped it! Like what, it's never safe to reveal his game before. It's clever, now, we'll have to look back on our books of names ... you come, darling?

Karine Ancelet

And you, did you reveal very early your choice of name?


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