7 questions about milk

7 questions about milk

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Milk is the staple food of toddlers, a fact for moms. But still ... what are the advantages of breast milk? Is growth milk useful? What about special milks? A quiz to take stock.

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1. A baby digests breast milk better than artificial milk

True. The composition of breast milk is ideal for the digestive system of toddlers Faux. Artificial milk reproduces exactly the composition of breast milk


There is nothing better than breast milk, it is a certainty established by scientists. An example: some quality fatty acids, which a baby needs to build the membranes of his cells, are present only in breast milk and nowhere else. Only the human breast knows how to make them. Same thing for women's milk proteins that are very specific and difficult to imitate: the fact that some are soluble, others of very small size allows them to be digested easily and quickly. As a baby finds everything he needs in breast milk, which is exactly the right amount, he completely assimilates everything he eats. And his digestive system is not "dirty". It should be noted, however, that the research conducted by the infant milk laboratories has made considerable progress.