Announcements: make it home

Announcements: make it home

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To announce the birth of baby, you can of course decide to order announcements on a site or in a specialized shop, but why not play the homemade card? A cool idea of ​​creative leisure to share with two!

What material for the announcement?

  • In the hobby shops you will find many types of good quality papers with which to make your birth announcements. Choose the grain, the texture that suits you best, some can be embellished with layers, collages ... It's convenient!
  • The printed tracing paper, by overlay effect, can also give beautiful results for a homemade announcement.
  • Think about Felt to bring small touches of relief to your announcements (some parents make full announcements in the felt and the result is great!).
  • You can also use ribbons for gift pack, raffia, string, buttons, from feathers or beads
  • Side colorsthe most classic are off-white for the background, and pastel shades for the characters and patterns. If you have the opposite desire of bright colors or flashy, go for it!
  • Think about forms to get out of the beaten track, by cutting out the teddy bear, doll ... Express your talents and let go by using the classic techniques of creative hobbies: collage, cutting, folding, overlay, origami ...
  • Opening Announcement traditionally include a baby picture, a baby drawing or graphic elements representative of childhood: teddy bear, doll ... but these classic forms are made to be transgressed!

Announcement text: do not forget the essential

  • Three important pieces of information are of interest to the recipients: your baby's first name, dates and times of birth, and measurements. Apart from these precious information, everything is allowed! There are as many announcements as there are young parents.

For the text on the announcement, you can choose:

  • Use the first person plural to announce you and dad the birth of your wonder: "We are happy to announce the birth of our little Justine July 11 at 18 h 47 ..."
  • "Make speak" your baby using the first person singular: "I was born July 11 at 18 h 47. I weigh ... and I measure ...". This allows to give a small side immediate accomplice glance. And it's also ideal when you choose to put a touch of humor in your ad (... and believe me, my parents are not ready to close the eye!).
  • This is your second ... why not make him talk? "My little sister arrived on July 11 at 6:47 pm ..." ... a good way to showcase it!
  • Do you want to keep a little distance and be formal? Use the third person plural: "Emma and Bastien are happy to tell you about the birth of their little Justine ...."

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