Pregnant, drink for two!

Pregnant, drink for two!

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Did you know ? With pregnancy, the volume of water in your body has increased by 7 liters ... so, if it is not question of eating for two during these nine months, it is advisable to hydrate twice more!

Why is it so important to drink pregnant water?

  • Water is needed for your future baby. It can convey the nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for its growth. Your hydration as a future mother affects the volume of amniotic fluid, hence the importance of drinking in sufficient quantities.

  • Your calcium needs and magnesium are particularly important. A pregnant or breastfeeding woman should absorb 1,200 mg / day of calcium and 480 mg / day of magnesium.
  • In general, these needs are covered by a balanced diet, but it is sometimes useful to consume water rich in mineral salts, such as Hepar (calcium: 555 mg / l, magnesium: 110 mg / l) or Contrex (calcium: 486 mg / l, magnesium: 84 mg / l). If you do not like flat water, without aroma, consider herbal teas, infusions, teas ... that will rehydrate you also during the day.
  • Pregnant, you have to drink more. Not only does water play a role in the healthy development of the fetus, but drinking enough also helps to increase blood circulation, to make your kidneys work well and to avoid some inconvenience such as constipation (drink a glass of water at waking) or urinary tract infections. You must consume between 1.5 and 2 liters per day and increase the amount in case of hot weather. Nature is well done, when you are pregnant, you want to drink more often than normal. A good tip is to start the day with a full bottle and drink regularly until the evening.

Which water to choose during the grossese?

  • Tap water. It is subject to serious controls by the health services. For example, when tests on tap water reveal a nitrate level above 50 mg per liter, municipal services warn residents. In this case, tap water is contraindicated. Better then use bottled water. If you want to know everything about the water in your city, you can consult the results of analyzes in your town hall. Precision: the controls are at the level of the pipes and not from the taps. To thwart the effects of stagnant water, it is recommended to run the water a little before eating it.

  • Bottled waters. They are classified in two main categories: mineral water and spring water. They have in common to be untreated and of underground origin but only the former have a stable mineral content and can claim an effect on health. Source waters, they can have a fluctuating mineral composition and have no other virtue than to quench our thirst. In general, it is recommended to consume a flat water rich in calcium (more than 150 mg / l) and in magnesium (higher than 50 mg / l). Do you prefer sparkling waters? Know that they can cause gastric reflux and water retention because of their high sodium content (salt).

When to drink and how much?

  • Drink even if you do not feel the need, before your water supply is "dry". Keep a bottle with you. You prefer to consume it directly at the bottleneck? Make sure no one else uses it and has not been open for more than two days.
  • Take a drink every hour for example. Drink at least a liter and a half a day, more in case of strong heat.

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Good to know

Do not forget fruits and vegetables. Of course, there is tap water or bottled water, but have you thought about milk, herbal teas, cold soup? The latter is interesting because it provides magnesium or potassium that contribute to proper neuromuscular function. Fruits and vegetables also count as water, they contain 80 to 90%. The most aqueous are citrus (rich in vitamin C), melon, green salad, zucchini, tomato, cucumber ...

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