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Books around colors

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A photographer who visits colors with animals, a fun album to scribble and make pretty drawings, a little book of questions and surprises ... discover our selection of books around colors for your little one.

Animals in color

• This picture revisits the animal world in the light of colors. Yellow is Firmin the chick and her boyfriend, huddled together. But also, vis-à-vis in the form of a page-mosaic, other animals also yellow, and sometimes of more distant origin; the lion, the camel, the salamander ... The album thus goes through, still according to this same principle, the dominant colors: Hugo and Enzo the foxes for the orange color, Alphonso the bonobo for the black, Gédéon the chameleon for the green etc.

• By Florence Guiraud, ed. Casterman, 9,95 €. Where to find it?


• The cat's eyes are blue. What color are your eyes? The monkey's overalls are red. What color are the clothes you put today? My first discoveries are an awakening collection that will delight toddlers. An invitation to exchange and dialogue between adults and children.

• By Anne Gutman, ed. Youth Gallimard, 5.50 €. Where to find it?

Battles of color

• Ready for battle? Battles of pencils, of course ... One, two, three or four ... We scribble, we color, we have fun and smiles ... it makes drawings! Objective: to win the blues against the yellows, crush the mosquitoes, win tournaments, attack monsters, make spots ...

• By Hervé Tullet, ed. Bayard, 9,50 €. Where to find it?

The rainbow of animals

• A picture book for toddlers to discover animals classified by color. The beautiful format of this bestiary highlights the aesthetic and colorful illustrations of Sebastiano Ranchetti. Pleasure of the eyes and the discovery to learn to recognize the animals and to name the colors.

• By Sebastiano Ranchetti, ed. Milan, € 13.50. Where to find it?


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