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Choose a bottle drainer

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A gadget, the bottle drainer? No, it's ideal for organizing the drying of baby bottles and their accessories. Our advice to use it well and choose it and our selection.

Choosing a Bottle Drainer (8 pics)

Flower Bottle Dryer, BabySun Nursery

This bottle warmer holds up to 9 bottles and accessories, including large ones. Functional, it mounts and dismounts easily. Available in 2 colors: blue, green.
His price : 12 €.
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Baby bottle dryer, Babymoov

Thanks to its removable branches, it drains 6 bottles and accessories, as well as a breast pump. Its base is ergonomic and facilitates the flow of water in the removable receptacle.
His price : 20 €.
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Baby Bottle Dryer, dBb Remond

This bottle dryer includes large plastic tigets for baby bottles and small teats and accessories.
His price : 15 €.
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Baby bottle dryer, Bellemont

For 6 bottles and all models on the market! Practical, with its pictograms engraved on each blade to indicate the location of the parts of the bottle, it also disassembles very easily. Available in green, white, red and black and for 3 bottles.
His price : 29,90 €.
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Drainer, Prince Lionheart

This is a storage space for 12 bottles, cups, cutlery and other accessories. Ideal for drying all the dishes of one or two babies. Its antibacterial treatment guarantees an even healthier drying of the bibs.
His price : 19,95 €.
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Grass Bottle Drainer,

The most beautiful effect in a kitchen! And what's more, this baby bottle and dish drain is BPA-free. Be careful to clean it thoroughly!
His price : 29,90 €.
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Baby bottle dryer, Béaba

Made of BPA-free plastic, an astute and practical foldable model that folds completely and folds flat. For 8 bottles. Available in 3 colors: gipsy, powder blue and powder pink.
His price : 22,90 €.
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Drainer for baby bottles, Tigex

This is one of the simplest. It allows to drain 6 bottles plus their accessories, directly in the sink, for example, because it is sold without tray.
His price : 4,70 €.
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