Alsatian carnival fritters or schenkeles

Alsatian carnival fritters or schenkeles

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Here is an Alsatian recipe for donuts, schenkeles or ladies' thighs. Their particularity? These donuts contain almond powder. Yum !


  • 800 g flour + 400 g
  • 7 eggs
  • 250 g of sugar
  • 220 g of butter
  • 125 g of almond powder
  • 4 large c. whole fresh cream
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 10 cl of orange blossom
  • 1 liter of new oil


The schenkele dough

Melt the butter and let it cool.

In a salad bowl, beat the eggs into an omelette. Add sugar, almond powder and mix well.

Add the cream and mix to obtain a homogeneous device.

Add cooled melted butter and whisk.

Add the orange blossom and mix. The device is ready.

In a second large bowl: put 800 g flour, pinch of salt and yeast. Make a well.

Gradually add the unit, to incorporate the flour and obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Then add on the top a little flour (use the remaining 400 g) and incorporate it. The goal is to gradually dry the dough (but not too much!) So that it does not stick anymore.

When the dough comes off the salad bowl, take it out and put it on the work surface or on a large wooden board. Continue working with your fingers and add a little flour. The dough must form a ball that hardly sticks to the fingers.

At this point, beat the dough with the rolling pin (we practice exactly the same as for the classic donut dough). The dough will flatten a bit.

Reform a beautiful ball, and flour the top of the dough.

Let stand for 3 hours at room temperature away from drafts!

Cooking schenkeles

Cut slices into the ball of dough, then take small pieces of pasta and roll them in his hands to make small sausages about 1 cm in diameter and 7-8 cm long by making tips at the ends (to the way of banette chopsticks!) If the dough sticks too much you can flour your hands slightly. Blossom a dish to prevent the pudding from sticking and place on it.

Heat 1 liter of new oil in a large French fries bowl (or another large saucepan). when the oil is very hot, plunge the sausages one by one, without putting too much at a time. Cook on a low heat, it must cook slowly enough so that the inside of the donut has time to cook too.

As and when cooking, they will swell and "burst" ... or make the "big belly" as my mother would say, hence the iportance not to be too potty when you roll them!

Schenkele should be colored but not brown. For this you have to turn very regularly and follow the cooking closely.

When golden brown, drain with a slotted spoon.

Then put them in a dish and sprinkle them with caster sugar or icing sugar without waiting for them to cool.